Postcard from the Field: Dr. Villavicencio, Chile

The former Laguna de Tagua Tagua became known due to the finds of late Pleistocene sites that revealed the processing and consumption of extinct megafauna by the first human settlers in Central Chile.

Postcard from the Field: Alejandra Rojas, Uruguay

Greetings from Uruguay! I collect samples in different beaches from the Río de la Plata Estuary and the Atlantic Uruguayan coasts. I am interested in comparing the molluscan species and the taphonomic signatures recorded in different kinds of environmental and depositional settings.

How the CPN is Organized

The Conservation Paleobiology Network is organized into groups of people who share responsibilities for organizing, developing, and advising various components of the network. The core group overseeing the network development is the Planning Team, which includes the Steering Committee (nine members, including the Principal Investigator, Coordinator, and Student Representative) and the Advisory Group. The Planning Team assists in development and oversight of the CPN Panels.