Annual Meeting (Symposium) Panel

The Conservation Paleobiology Network will sponsor an annual meeting (Conservation Paleobiology Symposium). See the list below for general aims of the symposia. For more detailed information, click on the link below to access the symposium guidelines.

General Aims of the Conservation Paleobiology Symposia
• Annual symposia will support the aims of the CPN.
• The long-term goal is to establish a lasting framework for periodic meetings for conservation paleobiology which should provide fora to assist in the translation of historical and paleontological science to the conservation of global biodiversity.
• Fora should:
       1) Facilitate connections amongst CPN members to develop research and applications of CPN themes.
       2) Facilitate and report back on application of Conservation Paleobiology (CP) to modern conservation practice.
       3) Help extend the network by building bridges among sub-disciplines and geographic areas that are not adequately represented in the CPN.
       4) Support young researchers, scientists and policy makers, especially those from under-represented groups.
       5) Generate information, based on evidence from evaluation activities, aimed at supporting the decision-making and learning processes of the CPN.

To view detailed guidelines for the Conservation Paleobiology Symposia, please click here.

Panel members

Paolo G. Albano
Department of Palaeontology
University of Vienna
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Suzanne Birch
Department of Anthropology
Department of Geography
University of Georgia
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Jessica Blois
School of Natural Sciences
University of California, Merced
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Katie Cramer
Julie Ann Wrigley Institute of Sustainability
Arizona State University
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Molly Grace
IUCN Species Conservation Success Task Force and Department of Zoology
University of Oxford
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Broc Kokesh
Department of Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
Annual Meeting Student Rep
Rowan Lockwood
Department of Geology
College of William and Mary
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Aaron O’Dea
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
and University of Bologna
Annual Meeting Panel Co-Chair
Catalina Pimiento
Swansea University
and University of Zurich
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Erin E. Saupe Department of Earth Science
University of Oxford
Annual Meeting Panel Co-Chair
Daniele Scarponi
BiGeA Department
University of Bologna
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Moriaki Yasuhara
School of Biological Sciences
University of Hong Kong
Annual Meeting Panel Member
Martin Zuschin
Department of Palaeontology
University of Vienna
Annual Meeting Panel Member