How the CPN is Organized

The Conservation Paleobiology Network is organized into groups of people who share responsibilities for organizing, developing, and advising various components of the network. The core group overseeing the network development is the Planning Team, which includes the Steering Committee (nine members, including the Principal Investigator, Coordinator, and Student Representative) and the Advisory Group. The Planning Team assists in development and oversight of the CPN Panels.

Each CPN panel acts as a unit that oversees and organizes an aspect of the network (e.g. Activities), meeting on a regular basis and forming guidelines with oversight from other panels and the planning team. The panels are expected to seek participation from the general membership. CPN Members are people from the Community of Practice who joined using the online network member form. We currently have over 400 members, all of whom are listed on our webpage member directory. The directory can be searched by discipline to allow members to network with each other. New CPN members are added weekly. All members are encouraged to participate in activities, as well as serve in various leadership and organizational roles (e.g., serve on panels or ad hoc committees established by the panels). In future issues of the newsletter, we will introduce members of these groups.