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Meet the Scientist: Broc Kokesh

Name: Broc Kokesh Pronouns: He/Him/His Links: twitter.com/brockokesh Contact Me: bkokesh@uchicago.edu Position: Graduate Student, Department of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago Education: BA in Geology and Biology, University of Minnesota Morris; MSc in Paleontology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology How I Got Here: I started university pursuing Environmental Science, but quickly decided to double …

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Meet the Scientist: Hannah Kempf

Name: Hannah Kempf  Title: paleobiologist  Correct pronouns*: she/her  What is your favorite part about being a scientist and how did you get interested in science in general?  I’ve been geek-ing out on rocks and animals for as long as I can remember. My family went camping a lot, and I was fortunate to be exposed …

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Meet the Scientist: Niklas Hohmann

For this “Meet the Scientist” post, we talked to Niklas Hohmann, a Paleobiology Master student from Erlangen, Germany. You are currently working on your Masters thesis. Can you explain what it is about? I examine how factors such as shell robustness, sedimentation rate, and mixing of the sediment alter the probability of shells to be …

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