Webinars for Conservation Paleobiology

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• Webinar 1: An Introduction to Conservation Paleobiology (Karl Flessa)

Webinar 1: The Colorado River: Water for the Southwest by Karl Flessa

In this webinar Dr. Karl Flessa (University of Arizona) talks about Conservation Paleobiology, the Colorado River delta, and water issues in the southwest. Click on the button below to access CPN Webinar 1.


• Additional webinars coming soon!

The Conservation Paleobiology Network is a grassroots member-driven initiative. All of our outputs are a result of efforts from members of the conservation paleobiology community. We need your participation and input to be effective and continue to grow in the direction that most benefits people who are interested. Please provide info about your interests below:

The information above will be shared with the CPN Webinar development team. You can also email the network directly (conservationpaleo@floridamuseum.ufl.edu ) with anything you want to ask or tell us about webinars. Thank you!