Steering CommitteE

The CPN is managed by a Steering Committee assisted by an Advisory Group. Initial members were recruited from the proposal development team (see below). A minimum of two steering committee members will be replaced annually via community-wide election.

Nicole Cannarozzi                              Environmental Archaeology                           Florida Museum of Natural History        University of Florida                                             CPN Steering Committee

Sahale Casebolt                                      Invertebrate Paleontology                             Florida Museum of Natural History         University of Florida                                             CPN Program Coordinator

Carlos Cintra Buenrostro                                  Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences   University of Texas Rio Grande Valley               CPN Steering Committee

Erin Dillon                                                             Dept. Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology           UC Santa Barbara                                                 CPN Student Representative

Michal Kowalewski                                 Invertebrate Paleontology                             Florida Museum of Natural History         University of Florida                                             CPN Principal Investigator

Torben Rick                                                       Department of Anthropology                      National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution                                       CPN Steering Committee

Hilary Swain                                                  Executive Director                                        Archbold Biological Station                                 CPN Steering Committee

Rebecca Terry                                          Department of Integrative Biology             Oregon State University                                      CPN Steering Committee

Dale Turner                                            Conservation Scientist                                          The Nature Conservancy                                     CPN Steering Committee

Advisory group

The advisory group includes people who are assisting the CPN steering committee in meeting the network’s objectives.

Mark Brenner                                            Department of Geological Sciences          University of Florida                                                            

Gregory Dietl                                                   Paleontological Research Institute       Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   Cornell University

Karl Flessa                                                   Department of Geosciences                       University of Arizona

Steve Jackson                                                          Climate Adaptation Science Center                    U.S. Geologic Survey


Susan Kidwell                                                          Department of Geophysical Sciences                       University of Chicago

Anita Marshall                                                          Department of Geology                            University of Florida


Josh Miller                                                Department of Geology                            University of Cincinnati                                                                       

Aaron O’Dea                                                   
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute           and University of Bologna

Erin E. Saupe                                                     Department of Earth Sciences                                  University of Oxford                                                                                       

Proposal Planning team

The NSF proposal which funds this RCN was developed by a large team of researchers and practitioners. The team members listed below are either senior personnel or collaborators who participated in the development of the NSF proposal that funds this initiative.

Mark Brenner                         University of Florida
Nicole Cannarozzi                  University of Florida
Carlos Cintra-Buenrostro     University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
James Estes                             Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Karl Flessa                               University of Arizona
Tom Frazer                              University of Florida
Molly Grace                             University of Oxford
Steve Jackson                          U.S. Geologic Survey
Charles Jacoby                        St. Johns Water Management District
Susan Kidwell                         University of Chicago
Daniel Killam                          University of Haifa
Michal Kowalewski                University of Florida
Madonna Moss                      University of Oregon
Lisa Park-Boush                     University of Connecticut
Thomas Pluckhahn               University of South Florida
Torben Rick                            Smithsonian Institution
Hilary Swain                           Archbold Biological Station
Rebecca Terry                        Oregon State University
Dale Turner                            The Nature Conservancy
Neil Wallis                               University of Florida
John W. Williams                    University of Wisconsin
Yurena Yanes                          University of Cincinnati
Martin Zuschin                       University of Vienna