Student Panel Update (May 2020)

Calling all students! On behalf of the Student Panel, we would like to welcome you to the CPN. The Student Panel is the student-led leadership group within the CPN. Our goals are to (1) engage the student membership, (2) facilitate networking between students as well as between students and faculty members, postdocs, practitioners, and stakeholders, and (3) organize resources, trainings, and community-building activities to help prepare students for future careers in conservation paleobiology.

Want to get involved in the student community? There will be many opportunities to engage at different levels, from participating in online workshops and discussions to joining the panel leadership. But first, we want to hear from you. We will soon be sending out a short survey to solicit your input regarding what you’d like to see from the Student Panel in terms of resources, workshops, and ways to engage with the CPN.  

We will also be creating a student Slack group so you can connect with other students, stay up-to-date with network news, and learn about new opportunities. All are welcome to participate, and you can subscribe to different channels to tailor the notifications to your interests. We will send around instructions on how to join the group later this month.

Interested in joining the leadership team? We will soon be opening the application to recruit additional members to the Student Panel, so stay tuned for more information. All undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students are eligible to apply.
We look forward to working together to build our Community of Practice. Our success depends on your participation.