Building the CPN Community

The goal of the network is to integrate and translate historical approaches to better serve the conservation and management of ecosystems and organisms. To ensure effective progress toward this goal, the early phase of the CPN has been led by our initial planning team. However, with your collective help, we aim to gradually transition from top-down governance to a community-driven effort. In the forthcoming months we will be inviting all members to engage in CPN activities and governance. Our ultimate goal is to evolve our network into a sustainable and self-governing “Community of Practice”. But, what is our long-term agenda? The CPN is still nascent so there is flexibility for the network to progress in different directions as we develop our long-term agenda. We will value your input as we move forward as a community of practice. Please join us in determining the future of this initiative. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate conservation by using data from across temporal scales. We look forward to hearing from you soon!