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• Conservation Paleobiology R Tutorials

 To facilitate interdisciplinary conservation work, CPN members have developed tutorials for R. These tutorials will cover various topics starting at an introductory level and aim to show students and scientists how to process geohistorical data. More infromation available on the website linked below that shows how to use the cpnr package and how to start a tutorial.

The cpnr package builds on the amazing learnr package.

Developed and maintained by Gregor Mathes.

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• Conservation Paleobiology Video Library

CPN members have suggested videos that are relevant for conservation paloebiology topics. Please help us build the library by sending us your suggested additions.

• Resources to Support Social Justice and Antiracism (select links)

• Additional Miscellaneous CPN Resources

List of Mollusc Papers Authored by Underrepresented Minorities available here.

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