About CPN Panels

CPN panels are groups of people who oversee specific aspects of the network. Current panels are: Field Courses, Webinars, Student, Annual Meeting, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, and Working Groups.

Each panel has two people who serve as chairs for a limited term, as well as additional panel members. Currently the largest panel has 13 people (the Annual Meeting Panel). Ideally, each panel will consist of a range of people across subdisciplines within the CPN, across multiple career stages including students, and from diverse backgrounds.

One of the core responsibilities of each panel in the beginning phases of the network is to assemble a guidelines document for that panel. These guidelines will make it clear to CPN members what the panel is responsible for, how the panel is organized and run, and how decisions are made within the panel for the activities that it oversees.

Guidelines documents are in the process of being made by each panel, and will be available to view on the CPN website once they are written. The general guidelines for the CPN network are being developed by the Planning Team. All CPN members will be given an opportunity to provide comments and suggestions on initial drafts of all guideline documents.