Sahale Casebolt

Postcard from the Field: Matthew Adeleye, Australia

My research focuses on understanding landscape changes and drivers of change on the Bass Strait islands, southeast Australia, using sedimentary fossil pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs and charcoal records. Specifically, I am interested in understanding pattern and timing of indigenous land-use change, as well as changes in vegetation and fire regime in the area during the Holocene.

Practitioner Perspective: Ryan Mohammed

Ryan Mohammed’s main interests are aquatic ecology and conservation, but his work with Pitch Lake and other aquatic asphaltic ecosystems led him to collaborate with scientists at the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum (Los Angeles, CA).

Student Panel Update (July 2020)

The CPN student community is now 116 members strong, spanning a wide range of career stages, institutions, and disciplines. Together, our members represent 80 institutions across 22 countries. The Student Panel was created to help students connect with other members in the network, represent student perspectives within the CPN leadership, and organize resources, training opportunities, and other community-building activities to help prepare students for future careers in conservation paleobiology.